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Easily build your own standalone Android and Web Apps
Modbus, AB, Omron, Siemens, Mitsubishi, SQL Databases and more...
Android Application

ErgoTech's MIStudio provides an intuitive drag-and-drop tool that lets you easily build secure Manufacturing Intelligence, Factory Automation and SCADA System. Design with one tool, deploy to Linux or Windows including headless embedded systems, Android and all Mobile Devices. View on your phone, tablet or in a web browser.

  • 10 year proven track record in a range of industries.
  • HMI, SCADA, Manufacturing Intelligence, Enterprise Integration
  • Full SQL Database Support for Historical, Alarming. Supports Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2, SQLite, etc. etc.
  • Customized Report generation, on screen database table views (eg for WIP) and much more.
  • Mobile Camera, Location (GPS), Accelerometer and SMS Send/Receive supported.
  • HTML5 Graphical Displays on all devices.
  • IOT Solutions for All Automation and specializing in Semiconductor .

IOT Diagram

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MIStudio HMI

When all you need it to view the data in your device, MIStudio HMI provides a very practical way to produce elegant and informative views of your system. You can also manually write values to the device using buttons, text entry, sliders, etc.

Flash Demos & How Tos

Here we provide some introductions and step-by-step instructions on using various aspects of the products. Check back periodically as we add more demos.


MIStudio and ErgoTech virtual instrumentation has been providing solutions in a wide range of industries for more than 10 years. This release sees support for the Android platform, extending the reach of solutions to tablets and smartphones.

Custom Device Support

If you produce a device with a web server and your customers would benefit from highly configurable HMIs or more sophisticated applets or Android apps served from those devices, then MIStudio is the solution for you.

MIStudio for Android with Full Logic Designer

With MIStudio and MIStudio Pro you can use MIStudio to create an Android App that works like a traditional factory automation solution. These versions allow you to do simple or complex data manipulation and logic in the Diagram Window of MIStudio or MIStudio Pro.

Server Solutions

From tiny android devices, to small embedded systems to enterprise supercomputers, ErgoTech has an MIStudio Developer package to meet your industrial monitoring needs.

Android Solutions

Applet Based Solutions

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